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Machined Bare Blocks

Fordstrokers bare machined engine blocks. We feel this will fill the void for alot of guys. Have you lost faith in your local machine shop? Does your local machine shop not specialize in Ford only engines? Want the satisfaction of building your own engine by yourself with a block that is affordable and machined on state of the art machinery to very tight tolerances by a Ford ONLY machine shop? If so then feel free to look at what we offer.

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CODE: shp1

Price : $2,799.00

Fordstrokers is happy to announce a new addition to our lineup of fully machined, ready to assemble DART blocks. DART's new SHP, special high performance blocks are perfect for anyone needing the capacity to make up to 1000 hp. Dart rates the 8.2 deck SHP block to 600, which we all know is simply crazy. These blocks weight double of a stock 302 block and have all the exact same features as the Sportsman and Iron Eagle blocks. We are so confident in these blocks, we personally rate them to 1000hp capacity. They are capable of 4.185-4.200 bore, feature billet 4 bolt mains caps on number 2-3-4 mains. Keep reading below for all the machine work that is done to them, and what we do differently and again, you can see why Fordstrokers is THE leader in the small block ford market.


  • ANY Bore size you want. 4.00-4.030-4.040-4.060-4.125-4.155-4.185 or custom specified
  • Bored on Kwikway Boring Bar
  • Torque Plate Honed on Sunnen CV-616 Hone, finish honed to within .0001-.0002 out of round and taper
  • Surfaced with BHJ block fixture on CBN Winona Van Norman Surfacer (8-12 Ra Finish) ANY deck height you specify
  • Main Bearing Bores Align Honed on Sunnen Ch-100 Hone (.0001-.0002 taper)
  • Stroker Clearanced (up to 3.500 stroke for the 8.2 or 4.170 stroke for the 9.5)
  • DART COATED Full Groove Camshaft Bearings Installed
  • Deep Freeze Plugs Installed
  • Screw In Oil Galley Plugs Installed
  • ARP main Studs come standard instead of the main bolts shipped from DART
  • Painted ANY color you wish
  • Please contact for a shipping quote
  • Please call or email for a price on a sportsman or iron eagle machined block