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Dart Based Windsor Liberator Shortblocks

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408-418-427-438-445-454 Dart Windsor Liberator Shortblocks

Price : $5,099.00


Please call for details, as there are numerous options available. Every engine is custom built to fit your needs. You can reach us at 1-877-723-5487 or 1-630-462-3978

Here we have our Dart block based Liberator short blocks. These short blocks are for the guys that have outgrown or will be exceeding the rated hp capacity of the stock 351 blocks, which is roughly about 700-800hp "usually" If you are running alot of nitrous, blowers, turbos and want the added hp and most importantly the added security from block breakage, these are the short blocks for you. Let's go over the short blocks in complete detail, feel free to call the shop anytime as there are many different options to choose from and I will be more than happy to help you in anyway possible.

Here is a complete list of all machine oprations and all parts used inside of our Dart Block  Liberator Short Block

  • Dart SHP 4 Bolt Main Block 4.00-4.030-4125-4.155 Bore (All same Pricing)
  • Cylinders bored on Kwik-Way Boring Bar and Table
  • Finish honed on a Sunnen CV-616 Cylinder Hone with BHJ Aluminum Torque Plates, Fel Pro Head Gaskets and ARP Hardware (.0001-0002 Taper MAX)
  • Plateau Honed (Provides Instant Ring Seal)
  • Main Bearing Bores Align Honed on a Sunnen CH-100 Hone
  • Deck surfaced on a Winona Van Norman CBN surfacer with BHJ Blok-Tru(Ra Finish compatible with MLS Gaskets)
  • Screw In Oil Galley Plugs
  • Lifter Valley Oil Drain Backs Chamferred
  • Oil Filter Inlet Chaferred
  • Threaded Holes Chased
  • Lifter Bores Honed to size
  • Crankshaft Balancing done on Hines Dominator XP Digital Balancer (.02 Grams)

Now let's take a look at what's inside of a Fordstrokers Dart Block  Liberator  Short Block

Options on the crank -

1) RPM 4340 Forged Steel, Internally Balaned

2) Scat 4340 Forged Steel, usually will go internal but possibility mallory metal could be needed

3) Callies crank, Oliver rods - call for pricing on these

  • RPM 4340 Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP 8740 Capscrews and Full Floating Pin End
  • Or Scat 4340 Forged H Beam Connecting Rods with ARP 8740 Capscrews and Full Floating Pin End
  • Option to Upgrade either to ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
  • Wiseco 2618 Forged Aluminum Flat Top Pistons, 22cc dish, 32cc dish, 36cc dish
  • Wiseco GFX Rings - Nitrided Steel Top Ring, Napier Second (1.2mm, 1.2mm, 3mm) (Gapped per your application)
  • Clevite 77 H Main Bearings
  • Clevite77 H Rod Bearings
  • Dart Coated Cam Bearings
  • Fel-Pro 1 Piece Rear Main Seal
  • ARP Main Studs with Oil Pump Pickup Provision (We replace darts main bolts that come in the blocks from dart)
  • Deep Seated Freeze Plugs
  • Screw In Oil Galley Plugs
  • Painted ANY Color of your choice, just let us know

Optional Add on's to our Dart Liberator Short Block -

  1. Add a custom cam (hydraulic or solid roller, same price) and a SA Gear Billet Timing Chain with a torrington bearing. Cam will be installed and degreed. You will be provided a cam sheet to fill out and return to us. All of our cams our custom, therefore there are no cam numbers available until your cam has been designed.
  2. Complete bottom end package, which includes -
  • FordStrokers HYD Roller Camshaft (Hydraulic or Solid Roller)
  • ARP Cam Bolt
  • Cam Reatainer Plate
  • SA Gear Billet Timing Chain
  • Melling Oil Pump M83
  • ARP Oil Pump Bolts
  • Moroso/Canton Oil Pump Pick up
  • ARP Billet Oil Pumpshaft
  • Fel Pro 1 Piece Pan Gasket
  • Moroso/Canton 7qt Oil Pan
  • Mr. Gasket Oil Pan Bolts
  • Timing Chain Cover (Fox body,front sump, 94/95)
  • Oil Pump Pickup to Oil Pan Clearance Set to .375 - .500
  • Camshaft Installed and Degreed

As you can see from the above specifications, why so many gearheads out there are choosing Fordstrokers to have their engine built. The reasons stated above is why we send 25% of our engines to other countries, people have seen the difference in Fordstrokers and know when we ship an engine to Guam, Australia, Netherlands etc. they will be receiving a quality product along with continued support far beyond just the "sale" Our attention to detail is the difference between a long service life and a quick death for your new small block ford.