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AFR 220 Cylinder Heads - Includes 8019 Hyd Spring

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CODE: 1451/1456

Price: $2,108.78

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Our NEW 220cc Renegade Ford is a fresh addition to our lineup that adds quite a punch to our already formidable and proven 20° Ford Heads. These new 220cc flow a massive 340 CFM, averaging an 11 CFM increase from .200-.800 lift over our previous best in spite of its 5cc smaller intake runner. This is the best small block Ford 20° inline head you'll find to provide huge horsepower to out run your competition. With the largest intake and exhaust runner volumes for our in-line Ford line up, these are the ultimate for NMRA Renegade or Hot Street classes. With lightweight 8mm 2.100 intake valves and 1.570 exhaust valves these heads move massive amounts of air. Combustion chamber volumes are available in 58cc or 69cc. 80cc exhaust ports and bolt pattern are raised .375 (3/8") higher than stock, this rarely affects header or chassis fitment. AFR's new 220cc is the perfect choice for 347 through 427 CI windsors engines operating from 4500 upwards. Our trademark 3/4” thick cylinder head deck makes them ideal for heavy nitrous or blower applications.


Details -

#1451 (58cc)  #1456 (69cc)

Includes 7/16th Rocker Studs

From Fordstrokers they will include 8019 springs
1.270 OD, 155# @ 1.810, Coil Bind 1.080, rate 428, max lift .650

If Solid Roller Springs are needed, #8000 or #8001


Part Number




Coil Bind


Max. Recom.

AFR-8000 1.550 OD 225# @ 1.950 Chrome Silicon 1.155 550 710
orange stripe .800 ID 600# @ 1.250        
AFR-8001 1.550 OD 250# @ 2.000 Pacaloy 1.150 640 800
yellow stripe .788 ID 770# @ 1.200 PAC Racing Springs #1225

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