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427 Dart SHP Liberator Complete Longblock



Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please call the shop 1-877-723-5487 or direct 1-630-462-3978 for immediate pricing and options for our Liberator Long Blocks and Turn Key stroker engines. NOONE does it better and we are here to help ANYTIME.................




 Thanks to ALL that have served, job well done!


Featured products

liberator-short-block-1.gif liberator-short-block-1.gif
331 Liberator Stroker Short Block

CODE: 331L

347 Liberator Stroker Short Block

CODE: 347L

Price: $2,699.00

Price: $2,699.00

408 Liberator Shortblock

CODE: 408L

FordStrokers 331-347 Do-it-Yourself Liberator Short Blocks

CODE: 331-347DIY

Price: $3,199.00

Price: $2,299.00

331-347-363 Dart based Liberator Short Blocks

CODE: Dlib1


Price: $4,899.00